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Championing sustainable and free-waste concepts, the restaurant’s tasting menus combine home-grown local ingredients with innovative gastronomy. Helmed by chef Deepanker Khosla, each dish is an inventive homage to his Indian roots.

“Deepanker Khosla and Tarun Bhatia, who are both zealots for the farm-to-table and zero-waste approach. Equal parts urban farm and modern fine-dining restaurant, they grow a vast array of edible greens onsite which feature throughout their nine- and 13-course tasting dinners.”

Indian Restaurant of the Year - 2019
Young Chef of the Year - 2019
Most innovative Chef - 2018

“Haoma is the kind of restaurant that will change how the world looks at Indian food. Chef DK’s Neo-Indian cuisine is cutting-edge modern food that stays true to the traditional, pre-colonial  flavors of North- and South-India.”

Best New Restaurants 2018

“A truly unique concept with exquisite tastes. The local-centric food at Haoma is an explosion of flavors paired with flawless service.
An experience that is a must for any foodie in Bangkok”

Media Reviews

HAOMA MIGHT BE THE WORLD’S MOST SUSTAINABLE YET... Being in the most plastic dense city in the world as well as center to the region of Thailand, D.K was able to fulfill a desire to see this example realized as a viable approach for restaurants going forward for all parts of the world. The only restaurant to have gotten this close would be Dan Barbers at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, New York with the backdrop of farmland as its primary setting.
Garden on Eating' Food is more evocative of where the chef comes from a true reflection of his identity . Indian food has rarely been explored and expressed like Chef DK does in Haoma.
Haoma prides itself for tending quite literally to most of its own needs, cultivating the fertile environment via aquaponics, hydroponics and soil to create menus of elegant dishes that shift naturally with the seasons.
Bangkok’s Hidden Gem – Review Haoma, Neo Indian Cuisine, A Must To Eat Restaurant
Where is a unique, a must go restaurant in Bangkok? My clients ask me daily. The name of Haoma is popping up in my head as I been there once last year and I really impressed with their restaurant concept. I eat well and felt great after I ate there.
Where zero is hero: the rise of the zero-waste movement in restaurants...
“Sustainability is not trendy for us,” explains the 29-year-old chef. “It’s being who we must be and making the right choices every day.”
MOST SUSTAINABLE BANGKOK RESTAURANTS.. A meal at Haoma, one of the most sustainable Bangkok restaurants, begins with a tour of the organic restaurant garden by owner-chef Deepanker Khosla or one of his team, all whom are responsible for tending the flourishing planter boxers and vertical gardens.